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robotically assisted surgery might be right

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in excruciating pain for six months,” says Jan

Henne, describing the debilitating hip pain she endured in

early 2016. “I’d never had physical limitations before, and it

really did a number on my psyche.”

Jan has enjoyed a lifetime of exceptional health. At age 21,

she swam to four medals in the 1968 Olympics, earning two


“When I was in the water, everything was calm and quiet,”

Jan says. “If there was turmoil at home or life was hectic, I

could always find peace under water.”

Jan’s love of swimming continued through the decades,

until terrible hip pain overwhelmed her. That’s when she

sought care from Todd Borus, MD, an orthopedic physician

at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center.

Getting people back to doing what they love

“I’d never actually seen a gold medal in real life,” Dr. Borus

laughs. “We asked if she would bring them in so we could

check them out. To see the medals—and to see how much

love she has for swimming—was a great reminder of what

makes my job as a surgeon so rewarding. It’s great to get

patients back to doing things they really like to do—whether

it’s swimming at a very high level, or skiing, hiking, golfing,

or playing with their grandkids—that’s the best part of what

we do.”

Dr. Borus is a national pioneer in the use of a highly

advanced, surgeon-controlled robotic arm system that

enables the accurate alignment and positioning of implants.

MAKOplasty® Hip is designed to help surgeons consistently

position replacement joints with great precision, helping

people return quickly to an active lifestyle.

“This is really the biggest game changer we’ve had in

joint replacement surgery for decades,” Dr. Borus says.

“One of the major variables in terms of longevity of a

hip replacement is how accurately the components are

positioned. Imprecise positioning may predispose the hip

replacement to earlier failure and wearing.”

Olympian back in the swim after hip surgery

Not always on top

Despite her pain, Jan was determined to take the steps

necessary to regain her health. She reminded herself of the

lessons learned in her Olympic career.

“You’re not always on top,” she says. “I think that’s what

people need to hear. They’ll look at an Olympian and go, ‘Oh,

that’s great, they’ve probably had nothing but success.’ But

that’s really not the story. You do have your bumps and your

lows. You have to pick yourself up and come back.”

Last summer, on June 6, Jan became the first patient at

PeaceHealth Southwest to receive a new hip joint in the

robotically assisted procedure. Less than a month after

surgery, Jan was thrilled to be able to dive back into the

water and take comfort in the pool’s familiar serenity.

“I have a lot of gratitude that I can still do this,” she says.

“I am just ecstatic to be pain-free. I wake up every day and I

think life is great.”

Thanks to the precision allowed by the robotically assisted

procedure, Dr. Borus believes Jan’s newhipwill last her a lifetime.

“With the implants and bearing surfaces we are using now,

the longevity of the hip replacement might be upwards of

30 years,” he says.

Joint replacements for a wide range of ages

In addition to complete hip replacements, the MAKOplasty

system is also effective for partial knee replacements. Both

are a growing need in our aging population.

“I’ve done a joint replacement for a 93-year-old patient,”

says Dr. Borus, “but what’s really changing is we’re seeing

a huge spike in patients in their 30s to 50s who want to

remain robust and fit.”






Second Wednesday of

each month, 10 to 11 a.m.


Total Joint Center,

Suite 310, Physicians’ Pavilion


In this free class, you will


How rheumatoid arthritis and

osteoarthritis are different

How to manage arthritis pain

How to reduce symptoms of


How to choose foods or

supplements to help alleviate

your pain

How the latest advances

in conservative/nonsurgical

treatments may be the answer

for you

How surgical options, such as

joint replacement, can help you

These topics—and your

questions—will be addressed!

Feel free to bring a guest,

but please register him or her

separately, as seating is limited.

For more information or to

register, visit

peacehealth. org/southwest/events .

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